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ABii is not just another technology seeking to increase student            performance using a generic approach.  The ABii learning system incorporates an interactive, social robot that tracks attention and  performance to personalize how each lesson is delivered.  ABii enlists  her on-screen friends to help students solve problems in a fun way, that puts the learner at ease with funny and relatable scenarios.

ABii is on-demand tutoring that parents can employ whenever and wherever is most convenient.  As for teachers, the robot system eases workload by learning what works best with each student and augmenting what is already being taught in the classroom. As ABii adapts to your student, she is actively compiling a detailed report featuring key metrics of each student's performance and attention.   All and all, kids love working with ABii and feel more confident in their mastery of subject being taught.

This unique pairing of social robotics, artificial intelligence, and solid instructional techniques is a win-win for everyone involved.


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"This technology goes deeper into how students learn, and how we can have a greater impact on their ability to learn."

- Matt Koester, Principal
Chanute Elementary School

"I really feel like this is a good one-on-one technique, especially for some of our struggling students. It seems to break down the problem for them strategically."


Shannon Finley, 3rd Grade Teacher

Chanute Elementary School

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